Friday, May 30, 2008

More Pictures

So a few more picts for those of you requested!! We are starting to get into some kind of a routine. It seems that all I do it change diapers and feed Kyla (I know how dairy cows feel now). But I really can't complain, Kyla is sooo good. She loves to sleep, eat and make fun little faces. Our families have all been over and spoiled us: cleaning, making food and doing whatever is needed.
I still can't really believe she is hear. You carry her for 9 months and go through labour, and yet it still seems unreal. To think that less than two weeks ago this sweet little girl was inside me!! Too weird.
Kendall is soo done! The second he saw her he was wrapped around her finger. You can see it everytime he looks at her. I love watching them together. He can't wait until she is a little more interactive, but I am lovin the baby stage (although it will be great to see her first big smile).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ken&Ju's First Tot

Kyla Lynn Allred
Arrived may 20, 5:45 am
Weight 9lbs 3.7oz
Length 51cm
Cuteness 10/10
Eyes blue
Hair dark brown

Friday, May 16, 2008

The 'news'

So I just got home and here's the deal: the ultrasound showed that Kyla is doing great in there, maybe a little too great=> they think she is well over 9 lbs!!!! OUCH!! I just about fell off the table. Anyway then I went and saw the doctor who said everything looks good, in fact I am 2cm dilated (too much info, sorry). So she is hoping I will have her own my own this weekend. However she did still fill in the paperwork for me to be induced, which would probably happen Monday. SO ... we'll see if nature will just get going and maybe she's not that big=) Cross your fingers for me pls.

Kyla Update

So I am STILL pregnant and hating it. It is not so much being pregnant as being home alone all day with no one to visit. Calgary is horrible, I have no family or friends and everything costs money (I am cheap, sorry). Plus when I go out by myself people stare at me like I am a freak show.

Today I am going for an ultrasound and then to a dr. appointment. I am overdue, so they are just checking on Kyla (I am assuming placenta, amniotic fluid, growth and overall health). I am thinking that I am going to try and get on the list to be induced on Tuesday if she hasn't come on her own. For my sanity and sake of my husband (as long as it won't hurt Kyla of course) I think it is very important.

Anyway I will keep you updated, thank-you so much for all your advice it makes me feel alot less alone=)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Pregnant!!

Well I had another doctor's appointment today and the news: NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! I almost started crying. I am soo tired of being pregnant, I even tried castor oil last night. Which I took at 9pm, ya soo not smart. It kicked in about 1am, so I only had to get up 6 times in the middle of the night. So now I am scheduled for a ultrasound on Friday and will be induced around the 22nd if I make it that far. My doctor seemed only mildly convinced that I would start on my own. My body just will not cooperate, Kyla is ready to rock and roll. Anyway I guess I had better find some new projects cuz it looks like I am going to be alone for a while longer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is this baby ever coming???

I am beginnning to think that this baby is FAR to comfortable. She may never make an apprearance, I maybe permanently prego. I know that she is not late... but I have had enough of this prego thing. So hopefully sooner than later=)