Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I love Christmas, I hate Christmas. So much fun, so much stress.

We had a lot of fun, but came home 2 days early. Enough said.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm thinking of going private and just using this as a journal. Not really sure anyone reads it anyway.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where have I been??

I need to get on here.... but when? I cannot believe its been four months since Tayden was born! Wow time flies! Here`s some newborn picts we had done in August.

love him

her too!!

buncha goofs

I can't believe how much he's changes since then, and how BIG he is now. What a little chunky monkey he's become.

Tayden`s Blessing
I just love his little tie, I need to get a bigger one now. He just looks like a little man. And I love Ky's hair braided, for some reason I was thinking it wasn't long enough for French braids. My mother-in-law obviously knew better.

Loves the bumbo

Halloween Party
This was crazy-fun. So many little kids. Trick or treating was so much fun this year because Kyla understood what was going on. At Trunk or Treat she was pretty sure Tayden and I were slowing her down.

First time Swimming

Cute lil Smiles

I just love his little smiles and that he smiles biggest of all for me. I went to Super Saturday this weekend and when I came home he just about jumped right off Kendall's lap. I think I am going to have a mommy's boy (if I have anything to do with it).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tayden Bhuel Allred

I don't wanna brag about what a wonderful little baby he is in case I jinx myslef. So I will just say that he is awesome and that I love him soo much. It is amazing how fast you love them and how perfect they are. What little angels we are trusted with. It must have been a very bitter sweet farewell in heaven.

I didn't write down my birth story for Kyla and so I figured while his is fresh I would record it. If you don't like 'girly' details you might wanna skip this.
I got up to get Kyla her soother at 2:30 am and when I went to the washroom I noticed that I had lost my plug and was bleeding a bit. I had a shower and went back to sleep. About a half an hour later I was having contractions consistantly about 5-7 minutes apart. I was able to kind of doze until about 5, then got up to finish up somethings. Last time I was induced so I was feeling a little unsure if these contractions hurt enough to head in. I didn't want to get sent home. I called my mom and stepmom, they were coming up to help me in the hospital and stay with Kyla. About 6:30 I woke up Kendall and got him to help me make beds and put things in the car. We decided to head in, but we couldn't get ahold of my gf who was gonna watch Ky til my step mom got there. By then the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, so I made Ken go to her house and wake her up. We got to the High River Hospital at 7:30 and I was 7 cm dialated! I was sooo happy I was not going home and was farther along then I had dared to hope. The next three hours I spent in the shower sitting on a peanut shaped birthing ball. The water really helped me to relax between contractions. They checked me at about 10 and I was 9 cm. I finally had to get out because the temperature was fluctuating so bad that it was almost scalding me right when I was trying to get through a contraction. At this point I probably could have gotten into the bed and started pushing but I was a little unsure and my nurse was waiting for me to... be sure lol. I didn't cope as well in the bed, I think because I felt that I was gonna have to push for 3 hrs and was already exhausted. I got some laughing gas it helped a little. When I finally got checked I was 10 cm!!! Hooray! I tried a half push and could feel him move alot! Which shocked me. The next push I could feel him crowning, so I held off pushing while they called the dr. Luckily he was coming down the hall and with the next pushes I met my Tayden. He was soo cute, but PURPLE. I was a little nervous, but he was crying. After they were rubbing him and checking out my weird placenta (the cord forked where it met up with the placenta), I started bleeding. I felt a big gush and when they looked there was a lot of blood. After feeling around again he said I should be ok. I still gushed two more times and the look on Ken's face was scary. I can't imagine seeing your baby purple and your wife bleeding. In the end we were both great and healthy. Tayden lached right on and started breastfeeding right away. I was shocked again. Everyone told me that everytime was different and they were soo right. In total I was probably in labour for 8 hours, was mostly natural (minus a little N gas), no tears and no broken tail bone. I felt soo much better and already feel mostly like myself.
I think I am gonna write Kyla's story next so that I have a record of that too.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that Tayden stays such an angel! I am truly so lucky

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No baby yet

I was really hoping that my first due date (July 7th) would prove to be right but it appears that ultrasound techs are smart. On the 6th I was having contractions, my fam was here so my mom got all excited. Ok I did too, I even took castor oil. YUCK!! But no baby. I guess I will be patient and enjoy spoiling Ky for a little while longer. We will go to the park, pet store, go on walks, play with bubbles and sun tan at the spray park. Wow my life is soo hard! lol

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guilt Trip!!

Wow I think the theme of this week is: GUILT TRIP!!
Sometimes it feels like what I want to do has no bearing on what happens. Whether it's parents, in-laws, friends, neighbors, church members or strangers. I am gonna have to learn to say no before I .... do whatever they want.... lol

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So I thought I better do an update since I have been slacking off.
We have been busy, busy, busy... Mostly with fun things like camping! Hooray!! I love, love, love camping. This year has been so great because we borrowed Ken's parents trailer and we have had amazing friends to go with. In the past we borrowed my gramp's rig, which was great BUT it was huge and we had to go to Cardston first to get it. This trailer is cute, new, and perfect. Also we have the best friends, sorry we do! Back off, we don't share lol!

First we went to Lil Bow with the McCance's. It was so awesome! We even ended up with power sites so we felt spoiled.

Ky and her fave person!

Playin on the beach!

'Our' trailer!

Next was Kyla's Birthday!! Can you believe she is 2??!! Wow the time flies. I cannot imagine my life without her, she is such a little character. We love her to death. Last year we had a TON of people in our little house for her Birthday. This year Ken begged me to go small, so we had two families and their kiddos. It was still fun and alot less stressful.

Kyla loved all the people calling for her.

She wasn't too sure about the sparklers.

Opening presents

After that we headed into the mountains by Pincher Creek for some back-country camping. And I do mean back-country. If we hadnt' been following the Rasmussen's in we never, ever would have found it. But it was so fun!! It was a little chilly, we even got snow. But it was May long weekend so you know it can't be nice.

Our little side of the campers.

Too early to get up

Ky was in love with Blake's quad.

So she now has a tractor, too spoiled!

Last weekend we went to Writing-on-Stone with the whole crew!! I think there were like 8 sites that were all reserved for us, friends and friends of friends. Way too much fun. We took my sister Nat with us, which was awesome I had a baby-sitter/slave to help me. What a trooper.

Ben and I being cool!

Hailey and Kyla! Best friends- most the time! lol

Oh and I decided to get belly picts taken again!! I didn't want him to ask where his were when he saw Kyla's. Luckily my gf Meagan is extremely talented and took some for me. She did it in her living room, with three little rugrats running a muck and still managed to make me look decent. She should get a medal! I am so glad I have talented friends to learn from and beg favors from. Thx again Meag!

Look how cute she is, I have my fingers crossed for a second cutie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

De- Junking!!!

So I am VERY VERY VERY excited to be saying good-bye to alot of silly things and hello to my baby room!!!! Here is a list of things I am getting rid of. Let me know if you are interested in anything or know of a good place to take things (other than the dump!!).

1. ALL my text books from University
2. Two DVD stands
3. Two Galf bags
4. One old sewing machine
5. A ton of VHS movies
6. A ton of DVD cases
7. A bunch of plastic totes - going to sis
8. A plastic heavy duty shelf- going to sis
9. Like 2 dozen pairs of old shoes
10. Anything else that is lying around.

It's going to be great to finally be able to get everything where it belongs and organize the baby room. I have been waiting for one thing or another for a while now. You know the old " well once this happens then I can.. ". I know I still have months before this baby comes, but I feel stressed. I want to be able to have so much fun this summer and not have to worry about all the prep that still needs to be done.

My fave prego things:
1. How you see so many other prego ladies, is it just a coincedence??
2. That people let you eat and eat and eat (yum).
3. Peeing every ten minutes!!
4. Kyla kissing the baby!
5. Kyla thinking she and Kendall have babies in their stomaches too!
6. Getting to wear your husband clothes! They are comfy.
7. Feeling him wiggle and kick, I never feel alone :)
8. People lying to you about how 'small' you look!! (haha it's sweet)
9. All the excitement in getting ready.
10. Knowing that in the end you get the most wonderful little baby to love. I still cannot believe how fast and totally I loved Kyla. Kendall and I are so excited to meet Tayden.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forgive and ???

So I know that you are supposed to forgive and forget but I have always struggled with this. I do forgive, I see the other person's side and I am polite BUT I do not trust them for quite sometime. Any advice?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picture update!

Kyla with her two favorite people: my sister Traci and Odessa (the horse)

My brother Derek and Kyla

Kyla and I waiting to open my big present. Man I love that little girl!
What a goofy little girl.

Us in Las Vegas. The overhead screen was so cool

Kyla and her new favorite treat: cupcakes

Me at 21 weeks! There is no hiding it now. Although I still think I look more fat than prego, but that's another story.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Happiness comes with surrounding yourself with people who love and support the person you are and can be.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I hate people sometimes!

I take that back- 80-90% of people are polite if you are too, BUT the other percent should be shot. Sorry to say it so bluntly, but I am tired of it. I know everyone thinks that I am really outspoken and would never let someone walk all over me, but you are mistaken. For someone I love I am a bear, for myself more of a brown noser hoping for a sweetheart.

This past weekend I had some problems and when I phoned to talk to my dr's office the receptionist was really rude. You know the kind who talks down to you while calling you 'dear'. Anyways I am sure she was having a bad day or something, but it really made me feel awful. I

I can only say I hope that I am not one of these rude/unhelpful people. If I have been, I am sooo sorry.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad mom moment!

Ok so how did my daughter end up in the middle of the street with an angel of a stranger?????!!

Oh thats right her mom is terrible. How in the world does an 18 month old escape a church?? Well I learned that just because your kid can't even begin to open a door, you cannot let them outta your sight for a second. That was my first mistake!!!! I put on her coat in the lobby and popped my head into the gym to say good bye and poof she was gone. Second mistake: I didn't look outside first, assuming she had to be in the building. Oh my gosh I have never been so scared!! When I heard 'they're out here in the street!' I just about died! A 3 year old and an 18 month old off on an adventure. Oh I am so glad they were both ok. I sat in my car and cried and cried. I have never wanted to hug a stranger so much. I didn't even get to thank her. By the time I got Kyla from my gf and thought to look up I didn't see anyone.

The full weight of what precious, innocent little children we are entrusted with really hit me today. I had forgotten how fast things can go wrong. The thought of what could have very easily happened still brings tears to my eyes. So from now on when u see the crazy mom, who won't let her child more than 3 feet away ... you'll understand that I am trying to make up for how terrible I was today.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I have learned!

So I was thinking over the year and reading everyones blog updates, these are the things this year has taught me:

1- Not everyone has to like me!! What? I know but it's true.
2- People change! For both the good and bad.
3- Your real friends will always be there when you need them! (Love ya)
4- The sister you hated growing up, may well end up being your best friend.
5- People are put in your life for a reason, at just the right time
6- Life goes on.
7- Not everything is a big deal! (ok so maybe I need to work on this one still).
8- Kids can fix the worst day with just a smile :)
9- Yummy treats make everything better.
10- Christmas cannot be ruined! (Though people try! lol)

Anyway I am glad this year is over and that I have learned alot. It's been an up and down year that's for sure. But I am looking forward to next year and all it holds. Especially to meet this sweet baby boy that has been making me so sick!

Friday, January 1, 2010


seeings how everyone pretty much already knows I may as well annouce that I am prego!! Yep due July 17th. I swore I would never have a July baby, but here we go! lol Guess I shouldn't have said so much. Anyway I go for another ultrasound on Friday, hopefully I will have pictures of the little one then!!