Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kyla's first photo session

Well I finally got some pictures taken of Kyla!!! I love them and I am so thankful that Jill was able to do it on such short notice. Hooray for Jill! I could not believe how well Kyla did, she NEVER holds still so this was quite the achievement.

This is Jill's website if you want to check her out, we loved her=)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Allred Adventures

Well its been a while so here is an update: We are now in our house in Okotoks!!! We love it and can't believe how nice it is out here. Most of our family have come to visit us already and have all given it a thumbs up. We went to Cardston for the long weeked to see family. On the way we stopped to see Allie and Steve and their new baby Rebekah!! She was sooo cute=) Derek was just home so it was great to see him. We went to Raymond and had a great picnic with the Rasmussen Clan and then went to my Uncle Cory's so everyone could meet Kyla (and we ould meet cute litte Tate). Just this past week Kendall's parents came and stayed with us for a few days. I was a little stressed about what I was going to do to entertain them for 4 days, but it was so easy and fun. They helped us out sooo much and we had a lot of fun too.

We have been going going going and I don't think it is going to slow down.... but we have had a lot of fun. Just look at the pict!!
Kendall and Kyla watchin the tube on a hot day.
AK Brown sent two guys and this truck and trailer to help us move!! Keith is SOO Awesome=)
Stever with both girls! Rebekah seemed soo small compared to Big Kyla=) But soo adorable.

THis is Kendall and Kyla by one of the tanks at Spruce Meadows (eat your heart out Steve).
Kendall waiting for his turn at the calf scramble.
Grandpa Allred and Kyla at the AK Brown Party, she was not sure about the wind.
Grandma Allred and Kyla at Spruce Meadow, notice the cute little bracelet!! THX Grandma