Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tayden Bhuel Allred

I don't wanna brag about what a wonderful little baby he is in case I jinx myslef. So I will just say that he is awesome and that I love him soo much. It is amazing how fast you love them and how perfect they are. What little angels we are trusted with. It must have been a very bitter sweet farewell in heaven.

I didn't write down my birth story for Kyla and so I figured while his is fresh I would record it. If you don't like 'girly' details you might wanna skip this.
I got up to get Kyla her soother at 2:30 am and when I went to the washroom I noticed that I had lost my plug and was bleeding a bit. I had a shower and went back to sleep. About a half an hour later I was having contractions consistantly about 5-7 minutes apart. I was able to kind of doze until about 5, then got up to finish up somethings. Last time I was induced so I was feeling a little unsure if these contractions hurt enough to head in. I didn't want to get sent home. I called my mom and stepmom, they were coming up to help me in the hospital and stay with Kyla. About 6:30 I woke up Kendall and got him to help me make beds and put things in the car. We decided to head in, but we couldn't get ahold of my gf who was gonna watch Ky til my step mom got there. By then the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, so I made Ken go to her house and wake her up. We got to the High River Hospital at 7:30 and I was 7 cm dialated! I was sooo happy I was not going home and was farther along then I had dared to hope. The next three hours I spent in the shower sitting on a peanut shaped birthing ball. The water really helped me to relax between contractions. They checked me at about 10 and I was 9 cm. I finally had to get out because the temperature was fluctuating so bad that it was almost scalding me right when I was trying to get through a contraction. At this point I probably could have gotten into the bed and started pushing but I was a little unsure and my nurse was waiting for me to... be sure lol. I didn't cope as well in the bed, I think because I felt that I was gonna have to push for 3 hrs and was already exhausted. I got some laughing gas it helped a little. When I finally got checked I was 10 cm!!! Hooray! I tried a half push and could feel him move alot! Which shocked me. The next push I could feel him crowning, so I held off pushing while they called the dr. Luckily he was coming down the hall and with the next pushes I met my Tayden. He was soo cute, but PURPLE. I was a little nervous, but he was crying. After they were rubbing him and checking out my weird placenta (the cord forked where it met up with the placenta), I started bleeding. I felt a big gush and when they looked there was a lot of blood. After feeling around again he said I should be ok. I still gushed two more times and the look on Ken's face was scary. I can't imagine seeing your baby purple and your wife bleeding. In the end we were both great and healthy. Tayden lached right on and started breastfeeding right away. I was shocked again. Everyone told me that everytime was different and they were soo right. In total I was probably in labour for 8 hours, was mostly natural (minus a little N gas), no tears and no broken tail bone. I felt soo much better and already feel mostly like myself.
I think I am gonna write Kyla's story next so that I have a record of that too.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that Tayden stays such an angel! I am truly so lucky

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No baby yet

I was really hoping that my first due date (July 7th) would prove to be right but it appears that ultrasound techs are smart. On the 6th I was having contractions, my fam was here so my mom got all excited. Ok I did too, I even took castor oil. YUCK!! But no baby. I guess I will be patient and enjoy spoiling Ky for a little while longer. We will go to the park, pet store, go on walks, play with bubbles and sun tan at the spray park. Wow my life is soo hard! lol