Sunday, March 30, 2008

How big am I gonna get!!!

So I am starting to think that this belly is never going to stop growing. Even some of my maternity clothes are starting to barely cover it. What am I to do? Kendall has even asked me if I am going to weigh more than him??? Ya I didn't think that comment was called for. But I can see why he asked!! I never imagined a body can change this much.

Our friends Trent and Tara had there baby over Easter and we got to see baby Blake when they came to Calgary. It was soo surreal, I knew they were pregnant oboviously but to see them with a little baby was a whole different thing. I guess we are all growing up! It was great to get to talk to them about the whole having a baby thing too, I guess I should be able to pull this off after all. **cross your fingers for me** only 6 weeks to go**

Friday, March 7, 2008

Birth Announcement

I started thinking about Kyla's cards- here is a prototype- what do you think? The inside has all the details (ie date, time, weight...) and a spot for a little picture.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Getting Ready for Kyla

Well we only have 10 weeks to go until Kyla's here so we have been trying to get ready. I know we won't be, but we're trying. Last weekend we went to Great Falls with Allie and Steve and it was a blast. The highlight was definetly watching Steve and Kendall drive the motorized scooters around ShopKo. We messed up though because there was an awesome deal on cribs and we didn't buy one. Fortunately my sister, Traci, went to Kalispell this weekend and is picking one up for us!!! And today we got the car seat and stroller.... man kids are expensive. We are sooo lucky that our families have been helping us get stuff. Oh and this weekend I decorated Kyla's room a little, we are still renting so I can't get too carried away. I'll take more picture when I have the crib all set-up too=)