Tuesday, June 7, 2011


WE BOUGHT A BRAND NEW TRUCK! You have no idea the amount of flack Kendall has gotten over not having a truck. Then we got a old truck but not really big enough to go camping with an RV and definetly not big enough with two kids. We LOOOOOVEEEE it!! It is so sweet. We never dreamed of getting a new truck but it just worked out.

Kendall's cousin's Wife (lol) is selling these frames!! And I love them too. Check out her blog at http://garettandkrystie.blogspot.com/

This little boy is such a Mommy's BOY!! Love him to bits. He can make me smile without even trying. He is starting to try to walk on his own. I am soo excited for him but a little sad he is growing up. Man how time flies. He is over 10 months old and it feels like I just brought him home.

A certain little girl is all about pink and purple AND princesses. So for her 3rd B'day party that's what we did. She was sooo excited!! All of the girls wore their dresses and got jewelry. I'll have to post somepicts. There was one little boy there. I felt bad for him but we loved him too much to not invite him :*

Friday, April 1, 2011

I need advice!

So last week Tayden would sleep 8+ hours straight.... this week more like 3! I am so exhausted! I was blog hopping and found a blog that recommended 'Good night, sleep tight'. But it's out of the library and not due back for 2 weeks! So from the responses I gathered that pretty much it suggests letting your baby cry it out BUT you stay with them. So I tried this Tuesday night, Tayden puked twice! Yuck. I've still been doing it for the most part, but probably not exactly how I am supposed to. Here is how last night went:

  • 7:30- bath and stories

  • 8:00- Nurse Tay ( he goes down but wakes up every 15 min)

  • 9:00- He is finally down ( I shower and finish laundry)

  • 10:00- I am in bed (wishing I was watching Grey's. But I know I should sleep)

  • 11:00- Tay's awake again, pat back to sleep

  • 12:00- Kyla's awake and needs changed (this is very unusual)

  • 12:30- Back in Bed

  • 1:00- Tay's awake - Nurse (it's been 5 hrs, grrr guess it's better than 3)

  • 2:00- Back in bed

  • 4:30-Tay's awake- Nurse

  • 5:00- Back in Bed

  • 6:00- Tay's awake, pat back

  • 6:20- Ken gets up for work, I go back to bed

  • 7:45- Tay's awake for the day
So maybe its not so bad! NO IT"S BAD!! LOL The positive is at least I am not having to hold him and walk him back to sleep. For a while he'd wake up and be wide awake!! Worse thing ever at 2 am! It would take an hour to get him back down. I am just confused because he does really well for about a week and then is a monster for a week. By the end I am so run down. I can't really think of too much I am doing different to cause the change. Any advice is welcome!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just a little update!!

I got permission to take my final course thru the University of Calgary! SO excited, so scared!!! Still have to get into the class this summer, but I am hoping all goes well and I will have my Bachelors in Chemisty!!! YAY

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kids and Decisons

So I feel like I am at a turning point, I don't know why.... Every once and a while I feel like I need to decide everything right now!! I worry, stress, and lose sleep for about a week and then throw my hands up in the air. LOL silly I know, but it's me!

This is how it started!
- We were at Costco and a distant family member saw us and commented on how cute our kids were. Of course I proudly thanked her (haha), but then to my horror she said ' you should be done'. It made my head spin! And then my husband agreed. I bet my face was priceless.

The 'plan' was to have 4 kids. This was before we had any kids lol. Since then we have gone back and forth between 3 and 4. But 2 kids never crossed my mind. But the case for 2 is that they are expensive and we want to be able to let them be in things and try different activities. But... of course it's great to be in a bigger fam, have more friends and learn to sacrifice/get along.

-So as I've said before I am DYING to get my teaching degree. This will probably happen when my kids are bigger, less kids = less waiting. hmmmm....

-Oh and Kendall is DYINGx2 to start his own business. This will probably not happen til I am finished school. So we have a steady income for the first years he starts out. hmmmm....

- Oh and I got the worst ear infection while I was figuring this all out. Right when our Urgent Care closed. And I didn't want to be a drama queen and go to the ER. So I was up most of the night, until my Tylenol 3 kicked in (thank goodness for my mother). The next day my ear drum broke!! Yep infection/blood running down my ear, neck.... GROSS. Now I'm having problems hearing, hopefully when it heals I willbe back to normal. (just when I was gonna start swimming again).

SO THIS IS WHERE I THROW MY HANDS UP!!! It appears life will not bend to my will and I should not try to plan too far in advance.

* On a side note if anyone has advice on tatrum throwing 2 yr olds or 7 month old that wakse up every half hr for the first few hours of the night I am all ears!! (well one ear anyway!! lol. man I'm funny)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can I call in sick?

These kids are teaming up on me!! I am not getting any sleep. Finally last night I put Kyla down stairs in a play pen at 3 am and let Tayden cry a little. Tonight is gonna be different because after two nights with no sleep I maybe in the basement lol. Anyways I will be back blogging when the bags under my eyes clear.

I've also been drooling over http://sisterscafe.blogspot.com I now have a tons of things to make. So much for loosing any weight.