Monday, April 12, 2010

De- Junking!!!

So I am VERY VERY VERY excited to be saying good-bye to alot of silly things and hello to my baby room!!!! Here is a list of things I am getting rid of. Let me know if you are interested in anything or know of a good place to take things (other than the dump!!).

1. ALL my text books from University
2. Two DVD stands
3. Two Galf bags
4. One old sewing machine
5. A ton of VHS movies
6. A ton of DVD cases
7. A bunch of plastic totes - going to sis
8. A plastic heavy duty shelf- going to sis
9. Like 2 dozen pairs of old shoes
10. Anything else that is lying around.

It's going to be great to finally be able to get everything where it belongs and organize the baby room. I have been waiting for one thing or another for a while now. You know the old " well once this happens then I can.. ". I know I still have months before this baby comes, but I feel stressed. I want to be able to have so much fun this summer and not have to worry about all the prep that still needs to be done.

My fave prego things:
1. How you see so many other prego ladies, is it just a coincedence??
2. That people let you eat and eat and eat (yum).
3. Peeing every ten minutes!!
4. Kyla kissing the baby!
5. Kyla thinking she and Kendall have babies in their stomaches too!
6. Getting to wear your husband clothes! They are comfy.
7. Feeling him wiggle and kick, I never feel alone :)
8. People lying to you about how 'small' you look!! (haha it's sweet)
9. All the excitement in getting ready.
10. Knowing that in the end you get the most wonderful little baby to love. I still cannot believe how fast and totally I loved Kyla. Kendall and I are so excited to meet Tayden.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forgive and ???

So I know that you are supposed to forgive and forget but I have always struggled with this. I do forgive, I see the other person's side and I am polite BUT I do not trust them for quite sometime. Any advice?