Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello- I have no idea what I am doing!!

OK so I just cannot work this Blog Spot Stuff! So sorry Ash for not responding to you and for copying you (I have no good ideas).

I've been tagged by Ashlee to list 8 unknown/odd things about me. I enlisted my husband's services in coming up with some of these. Although he says most of my weirdness is just because I am a girl. In the end I could only find 5, anywho here we go:

5) I have no idea where my body is!!! I am constanitly walking into things, tripping over things and giving myself strange bruises. Almost everyday I have a new little something to figure out where it came from.

4) My tongue is always sticking out when I am concentrating. When I was little it was out when I was barrel racing and my Grandpa would tell me that I was going to bite it off! I thought that I had out-grown this, but this weekend when I was helping friends lay sod they were laugh at me. (Our kids don't have a chance because Kendall does the same thing).

3) I get really, really carried away when I start baking. I don't normally bake things, but once I start look out. We went to fairmont hot springs with the Allreds and I made like ten things. Sex in a pan, cinnamon buns, peanut brittle, choc. dipped pretzels..... And like half of it got wasted=( There was just too much food.

2) I have no filter, whatever comes into my head comes out of my mouth. I really am a nice person, but the things that come out sometimes.... I also forget to filter out the funny little things too. Today at work I was singing about Chocolate Milk! Yummy... My co-workers had a big laugh=)

1) I think that I am bigger than my husband! While he is not a BIG guy, I am definitely smaller. Still everytime we are getting ready I look in the mirror and make sure that I am indeed smaller than Kendall. (Don't even get me started on wearing high heels=)

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