Friday, October 12, 2007 I'm It!

I've been tagged by The Nilsson Family. I'll give it a shot:
A-attached or single- Attached
B-best friends- Kendall would have to be my best friend.
C-cake or pie- Borh.
D-day of choice- Saturday cuz I get sleep in and then do whatever I want!!!
E-essential item- Camera.
F-fave color- Blue- have always been a tom boy.
G-gummy bears or worms- Gummy Bears all the way.
H-hometown- Buffalo Flats (aka Leavitt) Alberta
I-indulgences- M&M Ice Cream Sandwichs
J-january or july- Oh July for two reasons: 1) My birthday and 2) Summer!
K-kids- Not yet.
L- life is incomplete without- My husband!
M-marriage data- August 26, 2006 in the Cardston Alberta Temple
N-# of siblings- 2 Sisters and 1 Brother
O-oranges or apples- Normally I don't like either one.
P-phobias or fears- Needles, there is no way I get one unless I have to.
Q-quotes-I'll Decide!
R-reason to smile- Fun
S-season- Summer, as long as it is not toooo hot.
T- tag three- Krysett, Brooke, and Alisha
U-unknown fact about me- I have six toes!
V-vegetarian or oppressor of animals- Oppresser- if that's what you want to call it that!
W-worst habit- I have to plan everything!
X-xrays or ultrasounds- Well I've only had x-rays at the dentist.
Y-your fave food- Pasta!!!
Z-zodiac- cancer