Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow its been a while

I have not been feeling the blog lately, maybe its because I have been wasting all my time on Farmtown!! lol Oh well, I have past on my addictions to others too hehe. So in the last month we have been pretty busy:

Kyla and I went to Utah was a gf to see her fam! The kids did amazing, I was worried for nothing. This is Kyla at the zoo!

Went camping at Writing-on-stone with friends in my grandpas trailer. Isn't family the best?

Then we went to the rodeo thanks to free tickets from the Asplunds.

Ps I don't know why its sideways, it isn't in my album.

And today we went to the Okotoks parade! ( sorry no picts yet)

Oh and did I mention while I was in Utah my basement was starting to be finished. It is still a work in progress, but at least its in progress! I need to pictures of that too.

And last but not least I started cleaning houses for a little extra dough! Well not really extra cuz my maternity leave ended, but u get the point. It has actually gone really well. The houses are gorgeous and pretty clean before I get there.

Anyways thats a little update. Next weekend we are headed to Andreas wedding, I am sure she is going to be gorgeous. Then we are going to Wasa, BC to go camping. It should be a fun busy weekend.