Friday, April 1, 2011

I need advice!

So last week Tayden would sleep 8+ hours straight.... this week more like 3! I am so exhausted! I was blog hopping and found a blog that recommended 'Good night, sleep tight'. But it's out of the library and not due back for 2 weeks! So from the responses I gathered that pretty much it suggests letting your baby cry it out BUT you stay with them. So I tried this Tuesday night, Tayden puked twice! Yuck. I've still been doing it for the most part, but probably not exactly how I am supposed to. Here is how last night went:

  • 7:30- bath and stories

  • 8:00- Nurse Tay ( he goes down but wakes up every 15 min)

  • 9:00- He is finally down ( I shower and finish laundry)

  • 10:00- I am in bed (wishing I was watching Grey's. But I know I should sleep)

  • 11:00- Tay's awake again, pat back to sleep

  • 12:00- Kyla's awake and needs changed (this is very unusual)

  • 12:30- Back in Bed

  • 1:00- Tay's awake - Nurse (it's been 5 hrs, grrr guess it's better than 3)

  • 2:00- Back in bed

  • 4:30-Tay's awake- Nurse

  • 5:00- Back in Bed

  • 6:00- Tay's awake, pat back

  • 6:20- Ken gets up for work, I go back to bed

  • 7:45- Tay's awake for the day
So maybe its not so bad! NO IT"S BAD!! LOL The positive is at least I am not having to hold him and walk him back to sleep. For a while he'd wake up and be wide awake!! Worse thing ever at 2 am! It would take an hour to get him back down. I am just confused because he does really well for about a week and then is a monster for a week. By the end I am so run down. I can't really think of too much I am doing different to cause the change. Any advice is welcome!!