Friday, June 25, 2010

Guilt Trip!!

Wow I think the theme of this week is: GUILT TRIP!!
Sometimes it feels like what I want to do has no bearing on what happens. Whether it's parents, in-laws, friends, neighbors, church members or strangers. I am gonna have to learn to say no before I .... do whatever they want.... lol

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So I thought I better do an update since I have been slacking off.
We have been busy, busy, busy... Mostly with fun things like camping! Hooray!! I love, love, love camping. This year has been so great because we borrowed Ken's parents trailer and we have had amazing friends to go with. In the past we borrowed my gramp's rig, which was great BUT it was huge and we had to go to Cardston first to get it. This trailer is cute, new, and perfect. Also we have the best friends, sorry we do! Back off, we don't share lol!

First we went to Lil Bow with the McCance's. It was so awesome! We even ended up with power sites so we felt spoiled.

Ky and her fave person!

Playin on the beach!

'Our' trailer!

Next was Kyla's Birthday!! Can you believe she is 2??!! Wow the time flies. I cannot imagine my life without her, she is such a little character. We love her to death. Last year we had a TON of people in our little house for her Birthday. This year Ken begged me to go small, so we had two families and their kiddos. It was still fun and alot less stressful.

Kyla loved all the people calling for her.

She wasn't too sure about the sparklers.

Opening presents

After that we headed into the mountains by Pincher Creek for some back-country camping. And I do mean back-country. If we hadnt' been following the Rasmussen's in we never, ever would have found it. But it was so fun!! It was a little chilly, we even got snow. But it was May long weekend so you know it can't be nice.

Our little side of the campers.

Too early to get up

Ky was in love with Blake's quad.

So she now has a tractor, too spoiled!

Last weekend we went to Writing-on-Stone with the whole crew!! I think there were like 8 sites that were all reserved for us, friends and friends of friends. Way too much fun. We took my sister Nat with us, which was awesome I had a baby-sitter/slave to help me. What a trooper.

Ben and I being cool!

Hailey and Kyla! Best friends- most the time! lol

Oh and I decided to get belly picts taken again!! I didn't want him to ask where his were when he saw Kyla's. Luckily my gf Meagan is extremely talented and took some for me. She did it in her living room, with three little rugrats running a muck and still managed to make me look decent. She should get a medal! I am so glad I have talented friends to learn from and beg favors from. Thx again Meag!

Look how cute she is, I have my fingers crossed for a second cutie!