Monday, May 18, 2009

Primary Love=)

So I finally have a calling- Sunbeams. They decided that needed two teachers and I am the second. Yesterday was my first day and their teacher was gone!! So it was a sub and I, neither of us knew a thing! It was soo funny. The kids wiggled and giggled, I was trying to keep them distracted when I saw past them the CTR 5s. They did not have teacher at all and it showed. I quietly walked over and sat with them (which was a little difficult to do while holding the wiggliest Sunbeam on my lap). As Primary went on I remember how special and loving little children are=)
Here are some examples:
1) They all argued about who got to sit by me!! Or on me!!
2) When they were shhhed there frows would turn to a smile if you added a please
3) Someone was always holding my hand
4) They all asked me to stay and be their teacher
5) None of them noticed the teddy grahams smeered on my shirt

It would sure be nice if we all were like that. I can't wait to see them all again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

So I have been reading everyone's awesome, inspiring Mother's Day blogs and I fell a little silly. I have never liked this 'holiday'. Growing up I was not close with my mom, in fact most of my favorite people were men (my dad, cousins and grandpas).

It only seems appropriate that on my first Mother's Day Kendall would forget and I would spend the day helping my Dad brand calves. What can you say I always do things a little different!

I do LOVE being a mom. I love my little girl more than I thought possible, especially right now she is showing so much more personality. It is so amazing to watch her change and grow. I feel so lucky that I have been trusted with her sweet little spirit, I only hope I don't mess her up too much=)