Sunday, February 11, 2007

Riding with the Allred's

Kendall on Jackie
Linda on Fancy

Tim on Dandy and Brad on 'Paint'

Kendall's Ankle

About two weeks before the wedding Kendall sprained his ankle really badly. (I think he did it for attention!)

Taking engagement pictures in BC! Of course I was having a hard time 'smiling' so it took forever! But I had Tara, Allie and Bethany to give me a hard time, so it was still a blast=)

Traci's Graduation

Traci Graduated from Western University(Montana) with a Degree in education.

Kendall and his Bow

Look out!

Banff Trip

BC here I come!!

This was my first trip to BC, so the Allred's took me to see everything.

First Ride!!

Julie & Raz
Kendall & Fancy

Alyson & Steve's Wedding

Kendall's Accident

These are pictures of Kendall's car after the accident, the damage to the windshield was done by his HEAD!!!!

This is the hair growing back!!! We weren't sure it was going to. If you look close you can see the stitches too.