Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can I call in sick?

These kids are teaming up on me!! I am not getting any sleep. Finally last night I put Kyla down stairs in a play pen at 3 am and let Tayden cry a little. Tonight is gonna be different because after two nights with no sleep I maybe in the basement lol. Anyways I will be back blogging when the bags under my eyes clear.

I've also been drooling over I now have a tons of things to make. So much for loosing any weight.


Meagan M said...

Bring the kids to my house...they'll be bootcamped in no time at all:) Just's rough. I hope sleep returms to the Allred home.

I LOVE sisters cafe! I've made a few things from them before. Delish!

The Big Blue Sky said...

I LOVE the sisters cafe - they are Russ' nieces!!! They are super nice girls, and make some FAB things!!!