Friday, April 1, 2011

I need advice!

So last week Tayden would sleep 8+ hours straight.... this week more like 3! I am so exhausted! I was blog hopping and found a blog that recommended 'Good night, sleep tight'. But it's out of the library and not due back for 2 weeks! So from the responses I gathered that pretty much it suggests letting your baby cry it out BUT you stay with them. So I tried this Tuesday night, Tayden puked twice! Yuck. I've still been doing it for the most part, but probably not exactly how I am supposed to. Here is how last night went:

  • 7:30- bath and stories

  • 8:00- Nurse Tay ( he goes down but wakes up every 15 min)

  • 9:00- He is finally down ( I shower and finish laundry)

  • 10:00- I am in bed (wishing I was watching Grey's. But I know I should sleep)

  • 11:00- Tay's awake again, pat back to sleep

  • 12:00- Kyla's awake and needs changed (this is very unusual)

  • 12:30- Back in Bed

  • 1:00- Tay's awake - Nurse (it's been 5 hrs, grrr guess it's better than 3)

  • 2:00- Back in bed

  • 4:30-Tay's awake- Nurse

  • 5:00- Back in Bed

  • 6:00- Tay's awake, pat back

  • 6:20- Ken gets up for work, I go back to bed

  • 7:45- Tay's awake for the day
So maybe its not so bad! NO IT"S BAD!! LOL The positive is at least I am not having to hold him and walk him back to sleep. For a while he'd wake up and be wide awake!! Worse thing ever at 2 am! It would take an hour to get him back down. I am just confused because he does really well for about a week and then is a monster for a week. By the end I am so run down. I can't really think of too much I am doing different to cause the change. Any advice is welcome!!


Meagan M said...

Ok I've been thinking about this all day. It is bad...ok. He's old enough that he should be able to last the night, or at least just have one feed. But two feeds a night it basically newborn. He's also old enough that he knows how to work it...and he wants the boob! I think he's using the boob as a prop, he wants it to go back to sleep. Even though there are times you can get hime back to sleep without it, generally it seems like that's what he wants.

I'm not 100% sure on how to get that to stop though. I have a copy of the Baby Whisperer book. I used it a bit with Paige. The BEST thing about that book is the online support community. So you can read the book and then go online and ask a question...and you will get a TON of responses from people dealing with the same thing. You'll also get to read others ideas and problems (so you don't feel so bad...people do have it worse). Anyway, ,if you want to borrow the book, I have it here and you can take it! There are alots of good suggestions in the book that don't let the baby cry it out. I'm not opposed to letting your baby cry it out, but it obviously doesn't work for him. So now you need to try something else.

Kira Earl said...

Sigh.... Colton is still up 1-3 times a night, so obviously I do not know what I am doing! Haha... He has and can sleep through, but is usually up once. I give him about 3oz of milk in his sippy and he is back out and I am up for less than 5min. I have tried about everything under the sun but it just hasn't worked. Bella was sleeping 10-12hrs by 16weeks so truly my kids are different! He naps 2-3hrs a day and goes down to bed without tears so this is what works best for us now. I keep telling myself that it won't last forever! Some nights its hard though. I will say don't bring him into your bed! I tried that and at first it was great we all got more sleep, but slowly he was waking up earlier in the night (started with him coming in at 5:00) and nothing would satisfy him until I brought him into bed. Then it became more about him bugging and wanting to play with us rather than getting more sleep! I also tried CIO... not for us! Although I know it can work.Good luck girlie, your not alone! Love ya!