Tuesday, June 7, 2011


WE BOUGHT A BRAND NEW TRUCK! You have no idea the amount of flack Kendall has gotten over not having a truck. Then we got a old truck but not really big enough to go camping with an RV and definetly not big enough with two kids. We LOOOOOVEEEE it!! It is so sweet. We never dreamed of getting a new truck but it just worked out.

Kendall's cousin's Wife (lol) is selling these frames!! And I love them too. Check out her blog at http://garettandkrystie.blogspot.com/

This little boy is such a Mommy's BOY!! Love him to bits. He can make me smile without even trying. He is starting to try to walk on his own. I am soo excited for him but a little sad he is growing up. Man how time flies. He is over 10 months old and it feels like I just brought him home.

A certain little girl is all about pink and purple AND princesses. So for her 3rd B'day party that's what we did. She was sooo excited!! All of the girls wore their dresses and got jewelry. I'll have to post somepicts. There was one little boy there. I felt bad for him but we loved him too much to not invite him :*


Lahni said...

That invitation is so dang cute...wherever did you get it from???
Nice truck! John will be J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

Julie Allred said...

LOL from the lovely and talented Lahni!! Thx again you are the best!!

kelseyp said...

I am in love with your truck.. I won't even show Spencer. He wants to trade our car in for one soooo bad he can't hardly stand it. I bet you are loving it!!!

Meagan M said...

I'm so happy you guys bought a truck finally! I'm also so very happy for the blog update! Finally!

Christine Hill said...

Nice truck you guys!! that is so awesome, Matt and I want to get one so bad..hopefully soon:)

PeavoyMom said...

Nice truck. Cute kids. Amazing birthday invites. You rock.